Read the latest edition of AIR and MEIR as an Interactive e-book

Jun 2024

Read the latest edition of AIR and MEIR as an Interactive e-book

A competitive non-life market in Morocco


There are a number of factors contributing to Morocco’s dynamic insurance landscape – premium growth, demand for health and property insurance and the introduction of compulsory lines.

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Record rainfall threatens to drown Arabian Gulf


The Arabian Gulf was hit with record heavy rain in April, with a year’s worth of rainfall hitting the region in just a single day. The insurance implications are worrying, with possible knock-on effects on reinsurance. We take a look at the...

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Egypt's insurers see respite despite gloomy outlook


The insurance industry in Egypt has been challenged by inflation and currency problems but things are looking better. Middle East Insurance Review spoke to Orient Takaful Insurance’s Mr Mohamed Abdel Rassoul about the market and upcoming...

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  • Magazine article aboutThe-rising-profile-of-political-risk

    The rising profile of political risk

    Many insurers in the MENA region still need to be focused on the growing threat to the continued stability of their business models presented by the increase in number and severity of natural catastrophes. Others are turning their attention to the...

Mapping the risk environment

  • Magazine article aboutBahrain-and-Qatar-face-flood-risk-challenge

    Bahrain and Qatar face flood risk challenge

    Bahrain and Qatar witnessed substantial rainfall in April this year, which served as a wake-up call for the two nations to assess vulnerabilities from extreme weather events and build resilient communities.

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  • Insurance to make agriculture climate resilient

    Agriculture is deeply impacted by climate change, especially in arid regions like the Middle East. Agri-technologist Mr Deepak Pareek shares his thoughts on how insurers and governments in the Middle East can contribute to sustainable agriculture...

  • Monitor to mitigate (risk)

    Complex and high-risk navigation in the marine sector can be managed by monitoring other vessels and even weather events. Preventative measures can then be used to reduce risk. We find out more.

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  • Magazine article aboutEnsuring-mental-health-wellbeing-in-reinsurance

    Ensuring mental health wellbeing in reinsurance

    Mental health wellbeing in the workplace has become more important than ever, as remote offices have increased social isolation and combined workplace and home stress into a tangled knot that many employees cannot unravel without professional help....

Saudi Arabia


  • Magazine article aboutNewcomers-can-make-an-impact-in-the-MENA-region

    Newcomers can make an impact in the MENA region

    Having new entrants is a healthy indicator that the market has potential and that there is room for further development; however, they must innovate and not replicate the existing formulas, says Makeen Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers’ Mrs...

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  • Magazine article aboutShariah-compliant-policies-in-Canada

    Shariah-compliant policies in Canada

    Many in Canada’s immigrant Muslim population are not protected due to lack of shariah-compliant products. More importantly, they are unable to secure loans that could help them build a life, according to CHES Special Risk’s Mr Gary...

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